taskforce 148 (DISAVOWED)
For all I know…

…Miichan could have been innocently enjoying talk over a cup of tea with a male friend whom she isn’t romantically involved, and then found herself unable to go home late in the night and so she accepted a gracious offer to go to sleep in a spare bed.

Now the whole fucking thing has gone globally viral, and it angers me that people are now buying into the lies produced by irresponsible journalism and sensationalist entertainment-industry bloggers flying in circles like vultures.

So what’s next? Picket lines at Akihabara? The Diet calling for an investigation? Whatever could happen in the next few days isn’t going to give peace to any AKB fan, so we’re officially in a state of war — a war against lies and misinformation.

We are still with you, Miichan.

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